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In the world of social media, Facebook is still the social network to advertise on and engage your audience. Make the most of your efforts. The rising a long and distinct period of history of social media marketing  company  in India makes social media presence a lasting trend.

Linkedin, Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, however, Facebook continues to dominate the social media  marketing in India, In order to continue to capitalize on Facebook’s marketing in India reach and wide net, businesses must keep up-to-date with the latest for Facebook marketers in India. Here are some tips & strategies to optimize your Facebook marketing to target Indian audience.

Facebook Engagement

Engage Your Audience On Facebook with attract their behavior and interest according to current trend so it will grab attention during Facebook marketing ,customer like spend some quality time in storytelling. During Facebook marketing of brands have taken this opportunity to connect with clients with meaningful, personal and relevant messages to engage you audience on Facebook. In the light of this recent trend, Facebook too seems to have adopted the strategy as it had recently launched a program, called the “Creative Accelerator” rel=”no-follow” to help brands explore the power of storytelling.

Run Facebook Contest

Boost in traffic through to a contest, Through methods for an example liking the post sharing commenting getting will Increase fan base.Most common Facebook marketing strategy is audience opinions through asking your target market for their opinions through voting contests, will Increase shares and the quality or fact of being viral.Generate conversations Grow your email list (through collecting participant emails during a contest.Liking and engaging with branded Facebook pages, simply for the chance to win something with the social media and brand awareness payoff.

Facebook Image

In Facebook marketing People respond to outstanding images. These are pictures that inspire likes, comments and shares, and encourage people to engage so gather images that are in alignment with your brand, write out your messaging in the form of titles, text and calls to action. Some of the combinations should be completely different and others just slightly different. During facebook marketing always keep in your mind your brand is different than the one before.


In Facebook marketing while one strategy could grab the attention of a specific target audience, You can start implementing different interactive skills for different targets based on their interests, activities and behavior.Big Data that would help in Facebook marketing to access their target audience who use Audience Insights, a powerful Facebook tool to access data like demographics, device usage, page likes, location and language and purchase activity to create separate strategies for different audience.

Facebook Re-marketing

For an example some types of businesses or campaigns are based on selling to people experiencing certain major life events; Facebook has pretty much every conceivable life event targeting option, The Life Events parameter is unique in that you can choose to target people at specific intervals of time after the change.

Facebook Custom Audiences are an advanced feature that enable you to connect on Facebook with your existing contacts during previous Facebook Marketing . Getting in front of your existing customers reinforces your brand.

Facebook Mobile Marketing

Facebook Mobile: According to Facebook  Marketer reports, approximately 1 billion users will access Facebook from their mobile devices. Mobile ads dominate the company’s ad revenues, accounting for $10.9 billion, or 74 percent of their total revenue. That is equivalent to nearly 70 percent of mobile users worldwide, or  three-quarters of mobile users by 2018.


Content marketing in your video marketing strategy is Videos make a powerful medium that lets your content stand out, when compared to ordinary content so in facebook marketing companies Include Videos To Market Your Contents, so to Facebook’s ‘share’ feature. Sharing indicates that your post has managed to successfully elicit an emotional response from the target audience.

Facebook recently launch Facebook live so Live From Desktops & Laptops and you can Pin Live Comments. Apart from that Video Permalinks so viewers who visit the permalink for your page will be greeted with a live video if you’re currently broadcasting.

1.Facebook Life Events Targeting Audiences 

2.Purchasing Behavior Among Facebook Users

3.Behaviors, Demographics, and geo-location.

4.Facebook Lookalike Audiences

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