We are Surat Gujarat based Bulk Email Marketing Services Company in IndiaEmail marketing Surat Gujarat is the most successful online advertising approach to grow customers and promote your brand

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  1. Here’s one for you, what do you say I get people from any area typing in your clients keywords, looking for their site in the google, yahoo bing or all 3 and then click on their site once they find it in the listings no matter how deep it is and surf through it. Reducing the bouncve rate, making the site more relevant in the eyes of the search engines. I’ve done this for quite a few of my own clients and it’s working magic. I had a program made for me that does just this all day long with real visitors. It causes the ranking of any site, for any keyword to eventually raise to the top, whether it be video (easiest, URL, takes about 2 weeks to a month). I’ve done it for sites that have short tail keywords and it is working flawlessly. One of which is now in position #2 for there 2 word keyword with 200,000,000 competing sites/results in Google. I can do this for any of your current clients white label, they’d nevert have to know I was doing this, they’ll see increased analytics, traffic and rankings.

    All it’s going to do is make your client sites/videos jump to the top and I want to put my money where my mouth is. Let me do this for you at no cost, once it gets to the first page on Google, Yahoo or Bing, then we can do business, I start at 99 a month to continue it so no one is going to go broke. I can show you examples, this works, I have spent years on this and many 10’s of thousands of dollars perfecting it. I’ll give you a free trial, put it into motion, I’ll even give you a free heatmap serice you can give your client white label as well. Please let me know as soon as possible, I’ll take on 10 sites and then I’m done. Simply because I know that it works and that I only have room for 10 more. You just have to let me know yesterday, I’m only going to do this for 10 sites as of 08/07/18 and because I’m a one man show. Free trial, free heatmap, all white label. Call me anytime for more info, I need to fill these slots asap and all I need is an email from you back and/or a phon call to set it up. I just need the website and a couple keywords. Once we start working together I’ll give you a list of where your client already ranks for every term and on what engine, as well as a realtime tracking link that shows you where they rank for each engine. You can give this to them as well as it’s white label, I am no where in the picture, I just want to prove my worth. Get back to me soon, I’m shutting this down after 10 new sites.


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