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Midbrain Activation=Position No.1// Monthly search > 5,400
Website Visit > 718
Midbrain Activation Software=Position No.1//Monthly search > 3750
Website Visit > 511
Midbrain Activation Technique=Position No.1 // Monthly search > 12245
Website Visit > 3565
DMIT=Position No.3 & 4 // Monthly search > 9557
Website Visit > 443
DMIT Software=Position No.3 // Monthly search > 7559
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DMIT Franchise=Position No.3 // Monthly search > 7889
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Mind Power Plus

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We were looking leverage new Facebook opportunities for Mind Power Plus, a high quality of DMIT Test,Midbrain Activation & Vedic Maths.

Our initial campaign was growing leads, but we wanted more. Based on our experience, we saw that would make our campaign more targeted. 


There had been month-over-month increases in leads from in month Once we broke up the campaign into different ad groups, targeting individual agencies, we saw twice as many leads come in. The new ad groups have been running from early.Doubled Mind Power Plus leads from Facebook in half the time of the previous campaign.

Successful Event Marketing Campaign Cost For campaign ₹35000 Return On Investment ₹47500 


Mind Power Plus

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When millennial audiences want to consume video, they increasingly turn to social video platforms like YouTube. So when Dude Seriously produced a video to entice its target content of proper Gujarati people who lives in India and as well as out of India who are missing typical Gujarati language who lives in U.S.A.,U.K. & Australia.It becomes a high-performing social video across platforms would be the key to success to increase Subscribers on YouTube Channels and on Facebook.
Subscribers Status August 2016
Subscribers Status Febuary 2017

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